Lendly.com sells for Five Figures at Sedo

Lendly Domain Name Sale
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The domain name Lendly.com has closed in a sale at Sedo.com for $47,000 USD, The domain name was has been registered since 11th of June 2009 and during its time appears to have been owned or at least had its servers pointed to a german company named VarioMedia AG.

If you visit their site VarioMedia.de you can see they offer domain name registration, hosting, and reseller services, looking through some historical records I can see that VarioMedia.de can also at times be known as PureDomain.com, however, upon visiting PureDomain.com you are redirected back to VariMedia.de website.

The domain name is now under whois privacy and transferred to GoDaddy, so we shall need to wait and see if the new owner launches a website on Lendly.com to identify them, one would assume that it most likely be a financial institution that has acquired the domain name for lending money. There is a bank that operates on GetLendly.comĀ  could they be the new owners?

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