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Hey Team, it’s fast approaching the end of Thursday here in the UK, which means tomorrow reaches the close of the first business week for many and even though lockdown has been announced here and a lot of Europe to extending their winter lockdowns, businesses continue to flourish and grow, another website that we operate F85.co reports financial news primarily in the private equity sector and we can see many transactions still happening every day where billions of dollars are being put into businesses around the globe who are either still growing or looking to exit their acquisition privately or via IPO.

The world isn’t coming to an end as some would like to report, things aren’t great for many of us due to Covid and Politics but we will get through and markets and businesses will recover.

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Back to the domain names, An interesting post by Robin Hablani on NamePros, where he is asking a question about these longtail and weird domain names, now the weird domain names were actually not very weird i.e. private-krankenversicherungen.net (I think it’s German) $ 13,355 as an example is Health Insurance in German as pointed out later in the thread by another reader.

While some longtail domain names might not make sense to us, owning exact match domains such as CertifiedPublicAccountant.com to me is a long but very powerful name that can make you a lot of dollars if developed correctly… Now this sale mentioned was actually back in 2007 when it sold for $32,450 right now its owned by Mike Mann of DomainMarket.com who actually has it listed for a whopping $294,888 USD, however, Mike is a businessman and will accept offers on this domain, so while $33K might seem high that was 13 years ago its going to cost you a lot more now to own that domain.

Why not head on over to NamePros.com and leave your thoughts on this thread.

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