NBC Universal Acquires UWatch.com

UWatch - NBC Universal
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The domain name UWatch.com has been acquired by NBC Universal, Whois records updated on the 20th of December and show the domain name has been transferred ownership, It was previously owned by Name.VC from what we can see in historical archive look-ups, the domain name was under privacy but we believe Name.VC might have sold the domain name directly to NBC Universal or their representatives.

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UWATCH - NBC Universal

Looking at NameBio.com we can see there were two previous sales of the domain name UWatch.com, The first occurring on the 10th of November 2010 for $4,500 USD at Sedo.com and the later on GoDaddy.com for $3,250 USD on the 29th of February 2016 (A lucky Leap Year)

NBC Universal - UWatch.com

At this time we are not aware of the price that NBC Universal paid for the domain name or their plans for UWatch.com, I suspect if they do plan to develop the domain name it shall be for a streaming platform direct to consumers, following the Disney Plus model to compete with the likes of NetFlix, this is purely by hypothesis and I could be way off.

So what do you think of the domain name UWatch.com, Shall they need to acquire YouWatch.com also, its currently parked and under whois privacy, It was once owned by TJ Demas an investment banker & domain name investor whom I knew and sadly passed away in 2016, TJ acquired many great domain names for his E8 project, names like 11.com that he paid $188,888 USD in 2008 and sold it in 2011 for $525,000 USD.

If the domain name is still owned by Demas Family, I hope they get paid well by NBC Universal should they come knocking… TJ was a great domain name investor and kindly gave his time to many in the industry but was taking away sadly too young by cancer.

NBC Universal YouWatch.com

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