Netflix Registers Paris Theatre Domains

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How is everyone’s Sunday? I’m spending some time with the kids on this extended bank holiday weekend, the weather is poor here just now so we’re building Lego’s and thinking of ways to keep the kids occupied in lockdown. Any suggestions?
I got a modification notification yesterday on my WhoisXMLApi account that Netflix updated one of their domain names –
I was thinking why does Netflix own this domain name, well if you didn’t know Netflix leased the Paris theater in Newyork for 10 years.
They signed the lease to give Netflix the opportunity to screen there own movies to the public and thus make it be applicable for the industry awards which didn’t allow streamed only movies for nominations.
Netflix took advantage to secure this single screen cinema after it closed in August last year, The cinema already had the domain name however it doesn’t resolve at time of writing and remains in the ownership of Solow Management who uses as their corporate domain name, I am unsure but looks likely Solow own the actual building that the Manhattan theater Paris calls home.
Netflix registered the domain names on the 29th of February this year and then registered on the 2nd of March 2020 a few days later.
However they didn’t register the domain name which I was surprised to see is still available, I am not suggesting anyone to register this domain name but you would think Netflix would have spent the $10 bucks to secure this domain name too.
So what’s your thoughts, should they have registered the domain? Will you ever plan to visit the the Paris theater in Manhattan to watch a Netflix movie?
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