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The domain name OAPUBLISHINGLONDON.COM has just been sold on GoDaddy.com for $12,835 USD.

I am sure you are asking yourself, who would pay so much for this domain name and why?

OAPUBLISHINGLONDON.COM was a developed website registered since 10th of October 2012 and appears to have been live since 2013 according to Archive.org records.

According to their Twitter account which is still live but even though no tweets have been written since 2014, it mentions the below.

“Open Access Publishing London (OAPL) is an independent open-access medical and scientific London-based publishing house”

The questions still ask though why so much…the short answer is backlinks and domain authority.

OAPublishingLondon.com website has 138,021 backlinks and Domain Rating of 54 according to AHREFS and this is the reason why the cost broke five figures for this domain name.

What do you think of this price for OAPUBLISHINGLONDON.COM?

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