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George Kirikos shared a tweet today that was published by the owner of OKX.com, they made the announcement that they had rebranded from OKEX.com to OKX.com

We are unsure when the domain name was acquired but can see that sometime between March 2021 & June 2021 the domain registrar and owner switched, The domain name was under ownership by DomainCapital.com where it was registered at Name.com, and then it went into privacy from June 2021 whois records and moved to Amazon Registrar Inc.

Domain Capital appears to have had the domain name registered against them since 2013 moving from an Italian domain name investor, however, we are unsure if it move due to them borrowing funds against the domain name or if the domain was acquired by Domain Capital.

Congratulations to the new owners of this nice LLL dot com on upgrading and acquiring this nice asset.

Domain Capital OKX

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  1. Hi, I’M the Italian domainer former owner of the domain okx.com , if you want I can give more data about the domain how was sold it for and some more data.

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