Outbound Domain Sales Tips

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Today: Is domain naming purely for parking a viable strategy? / The value of domains with exact matches (EMDs) / .gallery could be my first sell! / And more.

Here are the new discussions and domain news.

.life discussion and worth – Are you a .life enthusiest? Care to share some of your experience?

Jail.life – Interesting combination. How much do you think this ones worth?

The New Domain Industry Landscape (.Com Vs. New gTLD) – The Franchise Effect – Very interesting perspective on the domain industry.

Is domain naming purely for parking a viable strategy? – I would think a domain needs organic traffic to be viable, so basing just of keywords is not a good idea. What are your thoughts?

The value of domains with exact matches (EMDs) – Does anyone have some statistics to share?

.gallery could be my first sell! – Interesting! First sale might be a new gTLD.

Outbound Domain Sales Tips – Did you know this about selling domains?

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