Override.com is dropping after 25 Years

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The domain name Override.com expired on the 12th of September 2021 and has hit the auction block over at GoDaddy, This domain name doesn’t appear to have resolved for over a decade looking at Archive.org with their last recorded snapshot being back in October 2011.

The funny part here for me is looking at the archive below, the last snapshot was actually when it expired 10 years ago and you can see it was bidding then for $510 USD, similarly, it also had a week to run and I can’t tell and if it got renewed or sold, there is no previous transaction for the domain name being sold at NameBio.com

Bidding appears to have started strong with the domain name already reaching $15K with still 7 days until it closes, What price do you think it will close, why not follow the domain name by clicking here to watch its progress over the next 7 days in auction.

Will you be bidding on the aged dot com domain name? Check out the Override.com auction today!

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