Owned a premium 4 letter domain for years. Someone recently trademarked it

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This thread over at NamePros is one that most domain name investors never want to dream about, what happens if someone trademarks a domain name you own – Do you have any rights to protect your domain name investment?

The thread is one where most people are saying just don’t park it / show ads, should win an RDNH if it goes via WIPO / UDRP – While I agree the points mentioned are well thought out, That doesn’t mean you are 100% safe, I would advise in the first instance be prepared… Keep all documentation regarding when you acquired the domain name, the offers you have received/declined, and then share this with a domain name attorney…

Be prepared for if that day comes… Don’t wait until it happens and if it does go via WIPO – Pick a three-member panel!

What feedback would you give the owner? Click here to leave your thoughts and comments.

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