Owner of YB.NL succeeds in WIPO Case for this 2L .NL cctld domain

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Morning All, It’s the start of another week and I was reviewing some of the WIPO cases of the month, I came across this case WIPO – DNL2021-0055 regarding the Two Letter ccTLD – YB.NL for those that don’t know .NL is the country code told for the Netherlands.

I had to Google Translate the WIPO case notes as they were in dutch so apologies if Google Translate has picked anything up in error, what is really interested to note here is the Owner of YB.NL acquired the domain name in an auction where ultimately the complainant Yoghurt Barn NV who operate on YoghurtBarn.nl could have registered to bid too, however, what is great to see even though the domain owner did offer to sell the domain name YB.NL for 80,000 Euros, this didn’t go against them and the panelist didn’t find any bad faith in the registration/acquirement of this two-letter ccTLD – YB.NL

You can read the full case below.

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

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