OX.CLUB just sold for $10,000 USD on SEDO – Whats your .CLUB strategy?

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The domain name OX.Club just sold on Sedo.com for $10,000 USD yesterday, what is your .Club strategy?

Domain name investing is sometimes about opportunities and timing and I think .Club domain names have some opportunities just now, I am not saying they are the new dot com, I see an opportunity right now with the success Clubhouse is having that the .Club domain space provides you with an opportunity to make some dollars.

I have wholesaled a few domain .Club domain names that I picked up recently on Clubhouse and have a number more that I am going to register shortly all non-premium but have a liquidation value of at least 10 X my investment and hold time, I am seeing less than 7 days so a good ROI for quick easy cash.

There will be larger end-user sale opportunities too that shall come as the platform grows and as domain name investors we should ride the .Club wave in my opinion, Just be careful not to buy 100 useless domain names… Do your research first before you register them and if you are going to register them then use this link to get here for only $1.00 using this link.

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