sells for $4,102 USD – That was a great buy!

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The domain name sold yesterday on for $4,102 USD, the domain name whois hasn’t updated yet and may go under privacy but I am sure it was acquired by a domain name investor on the platform.

The domain name was registered in 1999, and I think has huge potential in the affiliate market space but also being able to flip this domain name to a company that wants to own the space for Party Balloons / Party Decorations – The nice thing about this domain name it isn’t niched into i.e. Birthday Balloons, Party Balloons can cover any celebration and I personally think at $4.1K was a great buy.

What do you think was it a good buy? Would you develop it or flip it?


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  1. i myself am a party guy but party balloons are eating up most of the free helium available to the human race. oh sure… maybe if elon musk gets his way we can be mining the sun for helium in a couple years… but still i believe this is a critical resource, and is talking funny worth its depletion? as to the domain… it was a steal at that price.

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