sold for $8,000 USD – Whats your thoughts?

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The domain name was sold yesterday on for $8,000 USD, The domain name was registered back in 2000 and expired and was auctioned off yesterday.

The domain name appears to have never been developed based on historical history, It has been parked for a number of years mainly at, I checked the listing over at Sedo and it doesn’t show any prices.

Checking out historical sales on would rank number 8 in the top reported sales of domain names ending

The highest-ranked sale was back in 2016 for $30,000 USD and another financial-related 247 domain name – sold in 2020 for $5,044 USD also at GoDaddy.

What are your thoughts on domain names, do you own any? Do you think was a good buy at $8K or was a better purchase last year at $5K?

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2 Comments on " sold for $8,000 USD – Whats your thoughts?"

  1. Ethan Taylor | 17/03/2021 at 14:41 | Reply

    In my opinion, xxxxx247 brand names sound old-fashioned today. But as long as the buyer likes it, I congratulate them.

    • Yeah, I would say the heyday of domains ending in are in the past but like you say some are still happy buying them.

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