Philip Morris Files another WIPO case

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Philip Moris International has been highly protective of there online brand and IP, filing WIPOs 48 cases this year along for 55 Domain Names, in 2019 they filed 155 cases for 178 domain names, 2018 96 cases for 108 domains and 2017 17 cases for 20 domain names.

Out of the 319 cases lodged with WIPO they have won transfers for 247 of these domain names, 52 have been terminated and 20 are still live active domain name dispute cases.

The latest case filed was WIPO D2020-1451 – Domain Name, You can see this year from the list of WIPO Domain Name Disputes by Philip Morris International that over 20 of these domain names has been to protect the IQOS brand of Smokeless Cigarettes that they have launched and trying to switch their customers who were smokers over to become vapers and continue using their products.

I would strongly advise against registering any domain names with the IQOS wording in your domain names unless you are able to prove legitimate reason as the likelihood of Philip Morris International coming after you in a WIPO case is very high and they have 75%+ Win rate so chances of you beating them are going to be reduced again unless you have a legitimate reason to own a domain name that contains the IQOS letters in your domain name.

Case No Domain Name Decision Decision Date
D2020-1451 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1329 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1328 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1321 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1278 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1272 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1266 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1261 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1260 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1219 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1155 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1091 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1090 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1089 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1088 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1044 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1040 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-1039 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-0847 CASE ACTIVE
D2020-0818, CASE ACTIVE
D2020-0753,, TRANSFER May 27, 2020
D2020-0710 TRANSFER May 25, 2020
D2020-0698 TRANSFER May 22, 2020
D2020-0697 TRANSFER May 11, 2020
D2020-0679 TRANSFER May 25, 2020
D2020-0558 TRANSFER May 12, 2020
D2020-0557 TRANSFER April 20, 2020
D2020-0528 TRANSFER May 7, 2020
D2020-0527, TERMINATED
D2020-0526 TRANSFER April 28, 2020
D2020-0525, TRANSFER April 23, 2020
D2020-0514 TRANSFER May 20, 2020
D2020-0513 TRANSFER April 17, 2020
D2020-0512 TRANSFER May 11, 2020
D2020-0351 TRANSFER April 7, 2020
D2020-0326 TRANSFER April 13, 2020
D2020-0325 TRANSFER April 22, 2020
D2020-0288 TRANSFER March 30, 2020
D2020-0259 TRANSFER April 9, 2020
D2020-0215 TRANSFER March 25, 2020
D2020-0180, TRANSFER April 3, 2020
D2020-0126 TRANSFER March 28, 2020
D2020-0070 TRANSFER March 3, 2020
D2020-0031 TRANSFER March 5, 2020
D2020-0022, TRANSFER April 6, 2020
DCO2020-0005 TRANSFER March 10, 2020

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