Polly.io sold for $28,888 USD owner revealed

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The domain name Polly.io has been acquired by PollyEx for $28,888 USD after being parked at Park.io for a period of time, the domain name is currently forwarding to the domain PollyEx.com, I find it interesting to see the company choose to acquire the .IO domain name after already owning the domain name PollyEx.com.

Reinvent / Ventrure - Polly.comCould they instead have chosen to upgrade to the Dot Com instead with Polly.com, The domain name Polly.com is owned by legendary domain name investor Kevin Ham’s company Venture.com part of his Reinvent organization.

Back in 2019 when PollyEx was founded could they have been able to get this amazing dot com for only $1,200 USD per month by partnering with the Venture team?

PollyEx was founded in 2019 and has raised $5,000,000 / Series A from Base10 Partners and 5 other investors.

According to the PollyEx website, they are going after the SAAS market for the Mortgage industry.

PollyEx™ is a revolutionary, end to end Loan Pricing and Settlement System (LPSS). Unleash the power of state-of-the-art capital markets software in the mortgage industry: improve loan sale execution, enable data driven decision making, and automate workflows, from rate lock to loan sale.

Do you think PollyEx should try to work work with Venture.com to secure the Polly.com either via lease for $3,000 per month or acquire in a private transaction?

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  1. Anytime a company uses something other than .com, it only drives more traffic to the respective .com version. The .io may have popularity in a tech niche, but in a broad market people will not remember the .io especially when it comes to sending an email or it being considered spam. They should try and buy the .com, probably won’t be less valuable as time goes on and is an asset.

    • Hi Andrew, I would agree they should attempt to acquire or work on a deal with Venture.com / Reinvent.com to take ownership of Polly.com

    • People see. People learn. People’s knowledge do not stuck at 20 years ago forever. Anytime a company uses something other than .com, they do a public education that there are different domain extensions.

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