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Hey everyone, how’s your day been for Hump Day? I wanted to drop a quick note out to remind everyone that Rapid Fire Domaining Auctions started again today, The $99 BIN was hosted by Bruce, Michele and Vito this morning and I just wanted to shout to Vito and say well done in your debut auction, you did a great job and had fantastic interaction with the crowd.

The room started well and finished well, I had three domains listed, DoggiePillow.com which sold for $150, PalmBayJobs.com (Didn’t Sell available for $99 USD BIN in the Replay), and NewYorkCarWash.com which sold for $99 USD

Again people might say you are selling these domains too cheap, well maybe I am but hey I am turning over inventory and seeing good domain names going to great buyers, Tonight they have the 8pm EST auction where domains shall be listed from No Reserve or Buy It Now set by the seller, again I have another three lots in tonight auction, I won’t name them but I am confident in another round of sales.

I have sold hundreds of domain names through Clubhouse and I know, I harp on about it but it’s a great place to find a great buy either on Rapid Fire, Domamba, Name Shoppers, or Domaining Club, when they are back, if you need an invite to clubhouse drop me an email with your cell number and I will hook you up.

You should check out the auction again tonight on Rapid Fire at 8pm EST.

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