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NameBio.com does a fantastic job every day in the industry pulling together the available domain name sold data and sharing it publically for all to view, I thought what might be a little bit of fun to start a thread over on NamePros and allow you all to rate a selection of the domain name sold…

I am wanting to keep it a simple format and I hope you enjoy it…

My idea is a format such as the below, The below is of course completely subjective to everyone’s owns opinions.

Expensive (Over Market Price)

Good Price (Fair Market Price)

Cheap (Under Market Price)

AAF.com – $80,150 – Expensive

TaxLawyers.com – $15,501 – Cheap

Air-Conditioning.com – $1,850 – Cheap

What do you think of these three domain names? Read more on NamePros


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