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Rick Schwartz aka The Domain King posts more domain name acquisition costs from his Twitter feed, remembering that most of these domain names were acquired many years ago, you can see even back then Rick had the foresight and mindset to dig deep and acquire.

Check out post back in May when Rick shared more sales. & – $39k – $22k – $8k – $5k – $2k – $3k – $750 – $10k – $6k – $1650 – $880 – $170 – $500 – $18k

Rick also recently shared that his original domain name investment (seed capital effectively) was $1,800 USD which he took out on his credit card – He built his domain name portfolio debt-free.

I started investing in #DomainNames w/ NO MONEY! I registered 18 #Domains for $1800 on a credit card. By the time the charges came, my EARNINGS paid that bill in full. From then on, only MY earnings bought all other #names I NEVER took a single penny out of my pocket! #FACT

That’s pretty amazing to think Rick managed to build a portfolio of over 6,500 Domain names investing over $10,000,000 USD and never once went into debt to build this portfolio, it was all funded by the profits from his domain names investments, Sales, Parking Revenue (PPC) and partnerships / joint ventures.

Rick has only sold 35 Domain Names from his 6,5000 Domain Name Portfolio, however these sales were worth over $25,000,000 USD

Rick, unfortunately, doesn’t blog anymore, however, you can still check out his blog over at, he does, however, tweets nearly every day – I would follow him @DomainKing over on Twitter, he shares some great knowledge for free, if you agree with Ricks thoughts or not it certainly is entertaining watching some of the threads and the replies that come from this tweets.

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