Rick Schwartz drops $5,605 to become the owner of a 4L .TV domain name

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Rick Schwartz aka the domain king has been revealed as the buyer of the domain name Cult.TV, the domain name was sold on DropCatch.com for $5,605 USD.

The domain name was dropped and caught on the 30th of Jan 2021, prior to this it was owned by ALEX GEAIRNS in the UK for a number of years who also owned CultTV.net which also looks like it was expired and sold off and no longer resolves, below is a screenshot from the previous Cult.TV website back in 2019 according to archive.org

So what shall The Domain King do with Cult.TV, for the time it’s parked at VooDoo.com, will it be another future big sale Rick, The site was originally registered way back in 2002 and hopefully with it being previously developed might have some old link juice that earns Rick some nice PPC until the right offer comes in for the domain name.

Rick Schwartz Cult TV Domain

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