Robbies 10 x Handpicks of GoDaddy Auctions includes my bids too

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Here are my handpicks of domain names of expired domain names in auction at Godaddy, as always I am noting any domain names that I have active bids against these domain names to remain transparent and let you know that you might be bidding against myself for some of these domain names – Good luck to all and happy bidding.

Did you see these 10,000 Available Aged Dot Com Domain Names? – Great name for a freight company ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – It’s a popular brand of gravy sauce here in the UK ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – I have been watching the Sons of Anarchy recently just about to start the final season and this naturally pops out with the IRA and guns… – Looking for a small getaway many a Tiny Cabin? – I like this name Gadgets are always hot and gurus isn’t using too often… – An old saying… playing second fiddle – Yes, I know its 4 words but great tag line. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – The perfect Vacation / Holiday for some people. – I like to think some us domainers / bloggers are blogpreneurs – Nice 4L .com domain name ***Robbie Blog Bidding***

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