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How was your weekend? I just celebrated my wedding anniversary this weekend away in Edinburgh for a few days with my beautiful wife, 11 years we have been married now and 20 years together… It was great to get away for a few days and apologies it meant Robbies Blog didn’t post over the weekend.

Here are 15 x Domain Names in auction at GoDaddy with 5 domain names below that I am bidding on myself, Good luck to all involved in the auctions and have a great week. – Great Wifi name – Nice brandable 5L dot com – Big business and already at $3K with 7 days to go. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – We have written about funnels before check out this post. – Purely for nostalgia, this must-have made some PPC back in the day. – Another nice 5L dot com ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Sweet short 4L – Two words that I think work well, would be great for an affiliate marketing site/platform. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Make me think Solar what about you? – Would make for a great brand ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Sovereign funds come to mind with this domain name. – Las Vegas Homes – Got to be right? ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Bitcoin Blog – Are you looking for a Fair Place? – Will you be the lucky winner of a Magic Ticket?

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