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How are we all doing? Today’s list of 15 x Expired Domain names in auction at GoDaddy below, as highlighted before I share on the posts that I am bidding – Best of luck to anyone bidding on the below. – Have you been on one? – I think the control room, what about you? – Nearly all lights manufactured these days are LED ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – The borders might be closed just now to many but one day in the future this would be a great name to own. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Are you in one? I always talked about trying but never have. – Most journalists these days have more success online than print. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Gaming is big business, did you see my post yesterday on Luna? – This one is only at $65, 21 years old and a day left, I like this name even if its online instead of print. – Yes you can own a brown dress, not just a Little Red Dress. – Could be used for a blog or betting site. ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – Just a cool domain name… ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – I remember Rocket names being popular on a lot of domain names back in the 90s’s. – Dinosaurs right… This domain makes you think of Dinosaurs ***Robbie Blog Bidding*** – So there are a few businesses booming in COVID and one is kegs at home if you can’t go to the pub/bar. – MMM what can we say about this name… Valued at 22,000 USD bids were at $600 at the time of writing.

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