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Hi everyone, I shared on Twitter about an auction I lost out on yesterday –, It was one I thought might stay under the radar and grab for $12 but with less than hour to go my bids was upped to $27, Still a great price and I had plans to develop monetise and flip in 12 – 18 months, I decided $50 was decent proxy with 30 minutes to go and jumped on a flight back from London to Scotland, I landed and got the email outbid… I thought damn, I should have put a $100 proxy in but checked and it closed at $461 USD.

This is a good price for the buyer as I do think it has the possibility to be flipped but 100% development would be my route with the domain name, what do you think of the price and would build or just flip it? is at $65,000 USD – What price do you think this will sell for? – I love a Beer 🙂 – Do you have one – lol ? – Won’t be too many of these this year could it be used online? – I love Beef – Do you? – We all recall the sale by the Domain King. – The perfect place to find the best deals all year round. – A very popular industry and always has been a high CPC – Nice domain – I think would make for a great delivery / tracking app.

Life.Link – Are you looking for one? – Whats you’re Mentally?

Vet.Me – I’m not big on .Me domain names but the VET business is big money. – Nice Hyphen dot com domain name.

Template.Me – Another .Me domain name, I know but a great keyword – Who remember Arnie being Governor – This one is risky domain name – $5 Buy it now… – The plural hurts it buy only $5 – Great name for $5 – I just like this name for $5

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  1. M Sulaiman Saafir | 19/09/2020 at 17:06 | Reply

    Can I share my domains with you to know your opinion about them?

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