Saturday 10 x GoDaddy Expired Auction Picks and Bids

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How is you’re Saturday? My sons swimming lessons have finally started back after 7 months of being shutdown for COVID, so this is how my weekend begins back watching him learn how to swim. He loves being in the water and it’s a real shame for so many children around the globe who have had there lives halted in many aspects due to COVID – However we all need to stay safe and protect each other, please wear a face covering or mask if not to protect yourself, it will protect others.

***Update, I got the date wrong after turning up to an empty car park, it turns out it starts back next week, Epic Fail Dad – LOL!***

Now back to the domain names, here are my 10 x GoDaddy Picks and Bids for this Saturday, did you miss yesterdays selection there is still time to check these domain names out too.

Happy Bidding and Have A Great Weekend – Stay Safe! – Number domains still seem to bring the dollars – Not sure how to monetise this one but I still like it. – A fantastic two word dot com – “Make It Your Very Own” *** Robbie Blog Bidding *** – Why does this make think of Kanye? – I know hyphens but bids are at $600+ someone likes it – These types of names always sell well *** Robbie Blog Bidding *** – Great name for a dentist website *** Robbie Blog Bidding *** – Nice 4L, makes me think of Gigabytes – What about you? – Big Dollar Industry *** Robbie Blog Bidding *** – I like this name Nano Tech is another hot and big business market

Have you checked out yet and what they have to offer for domain name investors?

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