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As you know we are working with Dynadot promoting some of the expired domain names they have in auction, I was scrolling through the list and came across the domain name Rejoice.TV, It was a name that I hand registered back in 2008/2009 approx and was one of the first .TV domain names that I registered, I build a website using Noomle? Who remember that from back in the Mini-site Adsense boom days?

Anyway Rejoice.TV was a domain name that I got an offer on back in 2009 for close to $1000, however never closed and it ultimately sat in my domain name portfolio for a number of years and then dropped in 2015, I forgot to auto-renew it with Enom at the time…

Looks like it was registered then in 2016 by Michal Czebotar from Poland who held for a year then it dropped again, until it went to new ownership in 2017 until today where it has now expired and is in auction at today, bidding is at at $66 with 4 hours left, I am not sure if I want to make a bid and take ownership again… What do you think?

Rejoice.TV – Dynadot Auction

Here is an old screenshot from a thread I started on Namepros back in 2009 about Rejoice.TV – ahh. The Memories… So should I bid only 4 hours left?

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  1. Rejoice,tv was my first ever .tv I registered , way back in 2005.
    Did you let sentiment get the better of you and get it again? , it’s not a bad name to build out if you’re into that sort of thing, but not something I would go back in for.
    Good luck whatever you decided, great to see that domain name come up again anyway

    • Nice Bob, I did make a bid but was outbid. I wasn’t going to chase it. Nostalgia when you see these old domains.

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