Strange Afternic situation – I had ZERO sales in a month

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It’s the first Monday of 2021, The world will officially restart in corporate workplaces and deals will hopefully begin to roll in for many of us over the coming year, I was reviewing some interesting NamePros threads and came across this one titled Strange Afternic situation – had 0 sales in a month (7K names) – It has a whopping 128 replies since being written on the 11th of Dec 2020.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much success with Afternic but I do know many domain name investors have done well selling via their platform and syndicate service listed at other domain name registrars.

The thread was posted by TWiki where they share that they are closing multiple deals over at Dan but not having the same success at Afternic and they believe something might have changed that could be driving the lack of sales at Afternic, I personally don’t think anything has changed and it’s just a bit of luck where the seller visits when making that offer or clicking buy it now, however, others in the thread share their experiences and some also have not had much success at Afternic recently – What about you?

Here is a link to the thread where you can share your thoughts and maybe offer some advice.

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