Swetha announces another $149,185 in Dot XYZ Sales This Week

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Domain name investor Swetha aka DNGear announces another $149,185 USD in sales this week from her portfolio of .XYZ domain names, This follows $66,659 USD of sales last week for 7 domain names where six of those were sold at Afternic.com part of GoDaddy and one at Dan.com you can read about them here and now we have 7 more sales where again 5 of these were at Afternic and two from Dan the leading sale of the week for Swetha was Momentum.xyz was at Dan for $69,888USD

Rank Domain Name Published Sale Price Marketplace
#1 Momentum.xyz $69,888 Dan.com
#2 Streams.xyz $27,888 Afternic
#3 Davos.xyz $19,888 Afternic
#4 Fuku.xuz $9,888 Afternic
#5 Seekers.xyz $8,750 Afternic
#6 Genies.xyz $7,888 Dan.com
#7 Covalent.xyz $4,995 Afternic

Here is the tweet that Swetha shared below…

DN Gear .XYZ Domain Names

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