has expired after 26 years

Telework - InterActive Strategies Group
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The domain name has hit the auction block over at GoDaddy, it was first registered in 1995 and expired on the 20th of September 2021, The domain name has been registered via Enom and currently has a GoDaddy Value of $20,372 USD.

The timing probably couldn’t be better for Telework which has been become a popular term during the Covid-19 pandemic with many workforces across the world now allowing their employees to work from home, also know as TeleWork.


Teleworking allows employees to carry out their duties and responsibilities from an offsite location other than the official workplace. It could involve working from home, another branch office, café, bookstore, or even a coworking space.

Though often away from the office, a teleworker is different from a remote employee because there is occasionally some in-person office attendance required — though this is not always the case. Another key difference is that a teleworker is often geographically closer to the main office location than a remote worker.

Teleworking is an ideal option for tasks or jobs that require writing, research, reading, data analysis, computer work, telemarketing, etc.

Remote vs. telework – Which is better?

The difference between remote work vs. telework may seem small, but there are some distinct differences. Depending on your lifestyle, responsibilities, career, and geographic location, you’ll need to decide whether remote or telework is right for you.

Parents or full-time caregivers may decide that telework suits them because it allows them to be geographically connected to work while also having increased flexibility. Digital nomads, on the other hand, may find that a remote situation is better suited to their lifestyle.

What price do you think will sell for when the auction closes in 8 days’ time on 10/22/2021 at 5:52 PM? hasn’t held any updates on Telework since 2009, with the last archived screenshot below when the owner appeared to be InterActive Strategies Group, The term Telework is popular and I suspect that bidding will intensify over the coming days, as of the time of publishing you could potentially own the domain name for $356 USD.

Shall you be bidding? Click here to watch the auction or make a bid on

Telework - InterActive Strategies Group

An early screenshot of back in 1996 shows a slightly different view noted below vs the one above.

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    What happened? Did it get renewed?

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