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Happy Friday Folks, how has your week been? Has the energy prices been affecting you? I have a fixed energy tariff at home until September but that’s only six months away and I hope by then the world has returned to some form of normality and costs begin to lower… Anyway back to the domain names and some of my picks from the list below. – Yes, its a .TV but Motown Music is a massive category and I think this could hold some value. – Would you say its brandable? would be nice to own but this is a good domain.  РBig bucks in the dental industry and sure you could flip this dot com. – As cannabis becomes legal in more states would this domain make sense to own in your portfolio? – Could be used for either American Football or UK Football, great two word dot com.

Don’t like my picks above, what would you bid on from the list below, click through to watch any of these domain names in auction.


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