The Christmas Eve Eve Domain Name Auction List

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Hi Team, My kids enjoyed telling me that today is Christmas Eve, Eve… That’s a new one for me, I have never heard that term before and while they are correct, I still felt the need to let them know Christmas Eve, Eve isn’t really a thing… We did go and socially distance visit Santa last night and his reindeers, while the kids enjoyed it, To me, it just felt a little soulless that you can’t let the kids sit on Santa’s lap due to COVID-19… The quicker we get through this and get the vaccine rolled out the better.

Here are today’s picks of domain names in auction at GoDaddy, just remember that if you buy a name below, please complete using our links so we earn the commission – Thanks as always for your support, and don’t forget if you want exclusive lists and other links and stories not shared on Robbies Blog, you can receive all the action for only $5 Per Month – Subscribe Today.

Robbies Picks of Expired Domain Name Auctions from GoDaddy

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