These 38 x Dot Org Domain Names Sold for $3,253,865 USD

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Check out these 38 Dot Org Domain Names that were sold for $3,253,865 – I have listed the current registrants, The prices paid were the last published prices from, The current owners might have purchased after this date for a higher or lower cost but it does show the current whois registrant.

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Domain Name Registrant registrant_country Price Paid Advocate Health Care UNITED STATES 63,700.00 Jewella Privacy LLC UNITED STATES 63,656.00 DNStination Inc. UNITED STATES 107,217.00 Avatar Invest Inc. RUSSIAN FEDERATION 38,500.00 Highmark Inc UNITED STATES 50,000.00 Meijers Interactive NETHERLANDS 40,500.00 DVLPMNT MARKETING, INC. SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS 99,000.00 360 Quote LLC UNITED STATES 440,000.00 Domain Robot Ltd. HONG KONG 400,000.00 Luminati Networks Ltd ISRAEL 60,000.00, Inc. UNITED STATES 100,000.00 Match Publication Malta MALTA 75,000.00 Concorde Capital UNITED STATES 50,249.00 NACS UNITED STATES 55,000.00 Easysoft Limited UNITED KINGDOM 150,349.00 American Society of Mechanical Engineers UNITED STATES 198,000.00 EVERYTHiNG.ORG NEW ZEALAND 35,000.00 SyncSuite LLC UNITED STATES 45,999.00 Reflex Publishing, Inc. UNITED STATES 31,000.00 State of Ohio, DAS UNITED STATES 45,000.00 Legatum Limited UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 37,500.00 Legatum UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 40,000.00 Enthropia Inc CANADA 34,100.00 Blue Horizon Corporation AG SWITZERLAND 35,000.00 (RED), a division of the ONE Campaign UNITED STATES 50,000.00 Telepathy Inc UNITED STATES 35,000.00 2L Multimedia FRANCE 31,250.00 tongxiaojun CHINA 225,000.00 Telepathy Inc UNITED STATES 39,000.00 Uber Technologies, Inc. UNITED STATES 36,000.00 CentralNic Ltd UNITED KINGDOM 45,000.00 vitoHYPE Ltd BULGARIA 62,300.00 KV GmbH GERMANY 30,545.00 FILA (Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees) SWITZERLAND 47,000.00 NORTON, LLC UNITED STATES 38,000.00 NameFind LLC UNITED STATES 34,500.00 Consumer Brands, LLC UNITED STATES 55,000.00 Mark UNITED STATES 280,000.00

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