This domain name inspired me to stop for a coffee.

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As many of you know I travel frequently across the UK for my day job and I am regularly in the airport.

This week I spotted something new in Gatwick Airport,

Now this isn’t a new concept having seen something similar before but the exact match albeit with a hyphen domain name drew me into writing this post.

The non hyphen version is owned by Huge Domains but doesn’t appear to be resolving, as like all domain investors you wonder why use a hyphen?

Then when I visited and read about there business it became clear, it was founded in Germany where hyphen keyword dot com domain names are very popular.

You might spot a coffee bike near you as the business model appears to be a franchise concept while it is Europe based, it might make its ways across the world promoting itself on an exact match dot com.

One day they might choose to upgrade to that non hyphenated domain name too just need to watch this space.

Check out this domain name in auction today!

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