Timeslice LTD goes after .Cloud domain hack in WIPO Case – Will they win?

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Timeslice Limited a company based here in the UK, Host My Cloud is a product of  SC Technology, which is a trading division of Timeslice Limited.

Timeslice Limited was incorporated on the 28th of December 1962, 58 years ago, we can see their parent company is CCHL LIMITED, registered in 2013 and appears to be under the control of Mr Ibrahem Aboul Khair who is a ripe old age of 84 years old, among CCHL Limited other companies he has control are City Computing Limited & MINERVIA LIMITED both of these are dormant companies according to companies house in the UK so I would assume the focus of CCHL Limited now is SCTechnology.com & HostMyCloud.co.uk both companies share very similar websites.

However, SC Technology does list the websites of CityComputers.co.uk & Minervia.co.uk which again mirror very much similar sites to HostMyCloud.co.uk & also list the domain name of Timeslice.co.uk which Timeslice was established in 1971 and has been supplying and supporting our own in-house developed and supported legal software ever since.

Host My Cloud / Timeslice Limited has raised the WIPO case number D2020-1584, against the domain name hack HostMy.Cloud – Do you think they should win this domain hack or is this a possible RDNH case?

I checked out who owns HostMyCloud.com and guess what it isn’t Timeslice Limited / Host My Cloud either – It is owned by Turn Commerce Inc brand HugeDomains.com and is available to purchase for $3,995, so why not purchase this domain name first before going after a domain name hack in WIPO Case?

The Dot Com wasn’t renewed back in 2019 and Huge Domains registered the domain name when it was dropped on 17th of January 2019 – I am trying to understand who owned it prior to HugeDomains.com but for the time I can’t confirm the prior owned but I don’t believe it to be Host My Cloud / Timeslice Limited so why not go out and invest in the Dot Com for $3,995 instead of paying legal fees what will outweigh the acquisition cost to win a domain name hack?

What’re everyone else’s thoughts then on HostMy.Cloud which has been registered since 2016 should they fight to keep the domain name?

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