VOLKA.com sold for $54,000 USD

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The domain name VOLKA.com sold yesterday on Sedo.com for $54,000 USD, The domain name was registered in 2003 and appears to have been owned by William Coam of Germanium Inc aka DomainShop.com, we can see it also listed on the DomainShop.com website as recently sold along with a number of other domain names that they have sold recently.

At present we are unsure who has acquired the domain name, One possible buyer could have been Volka Games aka Volka Entertainment Limited based in Cyprus who currently uses the domain name VolkaGames.com, Do you think they dropped $54K to upgrade to their domain name?

We shall wait and see what the whois/nameserver data shows in the coming weeks ahead to hopefully reveal the buyer of this domain name, Congratuatilson to William Coam, and here’s to many more domain name sales.

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