What happened to Omar & Will?

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How is everyone’s Wednesday going? I was visiting the Domaining Feeds Directory and checking out some of the bloggers and noticed a number hadn’t been active for a while, I have been there myself before when I stopped writing for RobbiesBlog.com in 2018 only resurrecting this year again, so I am not here to be critical of anyone, writing a blog, pulling together the posts or videos all take time and being honest only a very small handful of writers are making any profit from there blogs, hence why you see so many affiliate links in my posts.

I used to love watching the videos that Omar and Will posted on there blog aptly named OmarAndWill.com , so I thought I would check out the site maybe I had missed or blocked the feed by accident but unfortunately the site is down.

I know they uploaded the content to YouTube so did a quick search over there and I can see that the Omar And Will YouTube Channel is still live, the guys haven’t posted for 8 months but there is 411 subscribers and 83 Videos going back to 2015, I would highly recommend checking them out if you have some time.

I hope the website being down is just an error and they get it back online again soon and fingers crossed that Omar and Will start making some more videos for the Domaining community too, I don’t know either of you personally but I miss you and I am sure other do too, I hope you are both safe and well!

If you are reading this then why not leave a comment and let us know?

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