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21 x Recently sold domain names from BuyDomains.com for a grand total of $44,579, The domain names were acquired by Oneida Indian Nation, Susan Goldenberg, Guerrilla Funk Music, EAG Auto Group LLC, StratX IT Solutions, TJ Capital, LLC, HighZer0 Companies LLC, Everbridge, Refik Anadol Studio, Michael Massetti, KSM Prosperity Ltd, Frutifor Lumber Company SA, Find and Text, JoeyAi, Noni B Limited, Trane Technologies Company LLC, KingdomWorks Studios, Slamdot Inc, Chris Michalek, Daniel Hoeffner, Nathan Praytor.

Out of the list below, I like the domain name PublicWarning.com for $4,288 USD, is a great buy in my eyes…

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SnugHarbour.com – Acquired by Oneida Indian Nation for $2,388 USD

EvolutionPaint.com – Acquired by Susan Goldenberg for $1,700 USD

AudioEssentials.com – Acquired by Guerrilla Funk Music for $1,488 USD

EagUsa.com – Acquired by EAG Auto Group LLC for $1,088 USD

Rasllc.com – Acquired by StratX IT Solutions for $2,288 USD

Tjcorp.com – Acquired by TJ Capital, LLC for $1,488 USD

HighZero.com – Acquired by HighZer0 Companies LLC for $4,288 USD

PublicWarning.com – Acquired by Everbridge for $4,288 USD

MolecularArchitecture.com – Acquired by Refik Anadol Studio for $2,288 USD

SavingDinero.com – Acquired by Michael Massetti for $2,088 USD

WeeklyPrizes.com – Acquired by KSM Prosperity Ltd for $1,788 USD

Arboreal.net – Acquired by Frutifor Lumber Company SA for $1,688 USD

DealerAid.com – Acquired by Find and Text for $1,288 USD

TheHeartbreakHotel.com – Acquired by JoeyAi for $1,260 USD

RiversOnline.com – Acquired by Noni B Limited for $3,388 USD

CleanEffect.com – Acquired by Trane Technologies Company LLC for $3,088 USD

MovieBible.com – Acquired by KingdomWorks Studios for $2,288 USD

WaterMarketing.com – Acquired by Slamdot Inc for $1,899 USD

PrimeCapitalFunding.com – Acquired by Chris Michalek for $1,500 USD

OlliePop.com – Acquired by Daniel Hoeffner for $1,500 USD

PartGuard.com – Acquired by Nathan Praytor for $1,500 USD


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