Who Bought them? 6 x Domain Names Acquired recently.

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6 x Domain Names that were acquired over the past few days for a total sum of $ 11,418 USD at BuyDomains.com & NamePull.com

What do you think of these domain names that were recently acquired by Emerging Paths / Diane Wiegand, DESIGN MATTERS, INC!, Crunch Bunch / Cristine Boyer, Pontita Chunbood, Starfish Holdings Group & Overstory Media Inc

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emergingpaths.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,166 USD by Emerging Paths / Diane Wiegand.

spfsolutions.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,788 USD by DESIGN MATTERS, INC!

crunchbunch.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,700 USD by Crunch Bunch / Cristine Boyer.

lotterythai.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,688 USD by Pontita Chunbood.

renewablegreenpower.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,188 USD by Starfish Holdings Group.

decomplicated.com – Acquired on NamePull.com for $2,888 USD by Overstory Media Inc.


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