Who Bought Them? 6 x Recently Acquired Domain Names

Recent Domain Name Acquisitions
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Carlson Industries LLC, myDigitalOffice, The Communication Studio, MIDLAND NATIONAL LIFE, Klaviyo & Digital Seat Media have acquired $14,940 USD of digital real-estate over the past few days on BuyDomains.com and NamePull.com

Which of these domain names do you like and think was a good buy? I like HotelPerformance.com & DigitalSeats.com both to me have value probably in the software development area if they have been acquired for those reasons, I think would match perfectly for that space, however, Digital Seats could be a virtual stadium or cinema, etc and has multiple purposes.

brewerylofts.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,088 USD by Carlson Industries LLC

hotelperformance.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,488 USD by myDigitalOffice

epiclifestyles.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,888 USD by The Communication Studio

sfgcorp.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $4,888 USD by MIDLAND NATIONAL LIFE

yourprivacymatters.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,588 USD by Klaviyo

digitalseats.com – Acquired on NamePull.com for $2,000 USD by Digital Seat Media


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