Who Bought them? 7 x Domain Names Acquired recently.

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The start of a new month is upon us and here are another 7 x Domain Names that were acquired over the past few days for a total sum of $ 15,501 USD at BuyDomains.com, NamePull.com, and DropCatch.com.

What do you think of these domain names that were recently acquired by The Seafan Trust, Leviathan Capital Interactive, DirectlyFromTheFarm.com, Marc Hoover, Catering, Greylock Peak Investments LLC & Peak E-Commerce Inc.

SunMoonEarth.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,288 USD by The Seafan Trust.

Herdsmen.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,700 USD by Leviathan Capital Interactive.

FreshStrawberries.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,749 USD by DirectlyFromTheFarm.com, which also has these nice domains too BerryPies.com CaliforniaKiwifruit.com, GilroyGarlic.com, MontereyArtichokes.com, StrawberriesFresh.com.

AdventuresInHistory.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $2,288 USD by Marc Hoover.

SalmonSauce.com – Acquired on BuyDomains.com for $1,788 USD by Catering.

Wealthion.com – Acquired on NamePull.com for $3,999 USD by Greylock Peak Investments LLC

InventoryHero.com – Acquired on DropCatch.com for $959 USD by Peak E-Commerce Inc.

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