Who bought them? 9 x Domain Name Sales Yesterday… See who acquired

Recent Domain Name Acquisitions

Yesterday, we tracked another 9 x domain name sales and who acquired these domain names, $21,666 USD was spent in the past 24 hours on BuyDomains.com to acquire these domain names, The buyers were Blackappl, EGF IMMOBILIARE, TSR Software Solutions, Advantmed, Mythic Life and others…

The two domains that I liked from the sales were Smokeless.org and SixWheel.com, what was your favorite domain name?

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smokeless.org – Acquired for $4,488 USD by Blackappl of California, USA.

baiayacht.com – Acquired for $4,288 USD by EGF IMMOBILIARE SRL of Roma, Italy.

sixwheel.com – Acquired for $4,288 USD by Six Wheel (Site launched) ownership TBC, appears the USA.

tsrservices.com – Acquired for $2,288 USD by TSR Software Solutions of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

magazinejobs.com – Acquired for $1,500 USD by Shane M Cleveland of Bremerton, Washington, USA.

playstorming.com – Acquired for $1,288 USD by Daniela Plattner Inc. of New York, USA.

earthade.com – Acquired for $1,250 USD by Chelsea Lott of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

myhealthassessment.com – Acquired for $1,188 USD by Advantmed of California, USA.

mythiclife.com – Acquired for $1,088 USD by Mythic Life of New York, USA.

Have you checked out the domain name auctions over at Dynadot? If not we highly recommend viewing some of the domains in both private and expired domain name auctions lists simply click here to see the latest domains in auction.

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