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Recent Domain Name Acquisitions
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10 recently acquired domain names from BuyDomains.com for a total of $23,604 USD by Nutra Pharma Corporation, The Coaching Institute, Clearwater Safety Inc, Optimized Assets Inc, CMP, Academy of Management, Elements Industrial Storage Ltd, Empire Edgeworks, Kindest Inc, Cerberus Interactive Inc which domain name from the list below do you like and think was a good buy?

I personally like GroomersFriend.com for only $1,200 USD would be a great domain name for a grooming product line – What’s your pick from the below?

Did you see these domain name auctions at Dynadot?

LuxuryFeet.com Acquired by Nutra Pharma Corporation on BuyDomains.com for $3,000 USD.

WhisperWithin.com Acquired by The Coaching Institute on BuyDomains.com for $1,988 USD.

ClearWaterSafety.com Acquired by Clearwater Safety Inc. on BuyDomains.com for $1,888 USD.

EntrepreneurLifestyle.com Acquired by Optimized Assets, Inc on BuyDomains.com for $2,988 USD.

AmericanNarratives.com Acquired by CMP on BuyDomains.com for $2,288 USD.

AcademyOfManagement.com Acquired by Academy of Management on BuyDomains.com for $1,188 USD.

EasyOver.com Acquired by Elements Industrial Storage Ltd on BuyDomains.com for $4,488 USD.

GroomersFriend.com Acquired by Empire Edgeworks on BuyDomains.com for $1,200 USD.

KindestHearts.com Acquired by Kindest, Inc. on BuyDomains.com for $1,088 USD.

AtlasEarth.com Acquired by Cerberus Interactive Inc on BuyDomains.com for $3,488 USD.


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