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The six domain names below were acquired in the past 48 hours from Buy Domains, These six domain names collectively just north of $16,000 USD of the domain names that were acquired by ShopWholesale.com, Indigo Michael Ltd, ivWatch, LLC, The Home Factor, Florman Orthodontics & Studio Boheme my personal favourite on the list below is AmazingColors.com and for less than $5K investment by an end-user, I would say that’s a great deal for them.

Check out this 4L Dot Com in Auction – 16 Years Old and ending shortly… Will you be bidding?

amazingcolors.com – Acquired by Shopwholesale.com for 4,388 USD

plaine.com – Acquired by Indigo Michael Ltd for $4,088 USD

vquality.com – Acquired by ivWatch, LLC for $2,288 USD

thehomefactor.com – Acquired by The Home Factor for $2,288 USD

everguards.com – Acquired by Florman Orthodontics for $1,160 USD

studioboheme.com – Acquired by Studio Boheme for $1,900 USD

Have you checked out the domain name auctions over at Dynadot? If not we highly recommend viewing some of the domains in both private and expired domain name auctions lists simply click here to see the latest domains in auction.

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