Who Owns Burger.com?

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As we recently covered domain names owned by McDonald’s and domain names owned by Burger King, I wanted to check and see who owns Burger.com?

Well, we know it isn’t McDonald’s or Burger King (BK) – It turns out that its owned by Donald Ray Burger an Attorney, It appears the domain name was registered back on 26th of March 1997, as well as owning Burger.com, the savvy attorney also owns DonaldBurger.com the exact match to his name.

The website on Burger.com is dated, it even states it was designed back in 1996, however, Donald Burger does update content on the site which you can see at this link here where he blogs on Burger.com

What do you think Burger is worth, should Donald Ray Burger ever decide to sell the domain name?

The plural Burgers.com is owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc  aka Carl Karcher Enterprises and is used by Carl’s Jr, it redirects Burgers.com to Carljr.com

Ray Burger Attorney - Burger.com


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  1. we have Birgeur (.) a french touch variant.

  2. We have Burgeur (.) com , a frennch touch variant

  3. We are looking to sell Burgeur.com for $500 usd.

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