Why doesn’t Jack Dorsey own Square.com?

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So we all know Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square… I was even a former customer of Square for my wife’s business and I wrongly assumed that he or I should say his company owned the domain name Square.com…

I am sure that’s the domain name we visited when we signed up, however when you do visit Square.com you are redirected to SquareUp.com

Jack and his company were in the news yesterday for agreeing to acquire Afterpay for a cool $29 Billion… Yes, that’s correct $29 Billion US Dollars for a company founded a little over 6 years ago in 2015…

So I thought let’s check what domain names Square owns and I did my usual whois lookup on Square.com and then gasped and double-checked Square.com isn’t owned by Square…I would have sworn blind if you asked me they did but I was wrong… It is owned by Japanese Video Game Maker Square Enix…

As Square.com forwards to SquareUp.com, I assume they have reached an agreement to lease or forward the domain name to Jack’s company, and it’s a really smart move in my eyes from both parties… Square Up ensures they don’t lose that type-in traffic and Square Enix will probably be paid handsomely for the deal from a traffic perspective and most likely sell the domain name to them for many millions in the future.

So what domain names does Square own then? It is actually a very small portfolio of 35 Domains Names and now really are amazing, MKT.com is the best currently but I am sure one day Square.com will be in their ownership, Do you?

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  1. They should own Squarely.com

  2. Thank you Robbie, enjoyed this article
    I reposted it here: https://dn.ca/topic/1038/squarecom-leased-to-squareupcom/

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