Would you take the Covid Vaccine when it becomes available?

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Would you take the Covid Vaccine when it becomes available? This is a thread over at NamePros that has a whopping 279 replies at the time of writing this post and while, It’s not really a domaining topic, the fact that a lot of domain name investors wish to comment on it, I thought I would share the thread with you all.

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My honest opinion is Yes, I will definitely take the vaccine when it is available for me, I have already had COVID-19 and while, I survived and didn’t have many symptoms we need the world to get back to normal and while a vaccination might not fully eradicate the COVID-19 Virus, it will help in reducing the spread of the virus and enabling us to get the world slowly back to what we now find a new normal with many stores, restaurants and bars have probably gone forever there will be new opportunities to also gain in the next uprising of the economy even if that doesn’t start till 2022 / 2023.

So here is the thread, head on over and check it out, Don’t forget to visit today’s Auction List too.

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