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It’s Friday and the weekend is coming, I am continuing yesterdays post on 10 x GoDaddy Buy It Now, Close out domain names. The list below are my 10 picks some are aged one is newer, do you see any that you would purchase?

I have a biased to ScotlandHotels.net for $11 this is one I might choose to pick up and I also really like WomensSunDresses.com with a possibility of building an affiliate store on this domain name, its a nice aged domain 16 years old and I see some benefit in using the Amazon Associates program to develop it out and be ready for the summer next year, the affiliate % commission is good via amazon on clothes so for $8 gamble, I would say its worth a shot… Don’t forget I can help you setup a WordPress site for FREE too.

GoDaddy Closeout Domains Registration Year GoDaddy Valuation Buy It Now Price Comparable Sales
FlirFx.com 2019 USD 2,995.00 USD 9.00 FairFX.com Sold for $9,785
Papers.me 2008 USD 2,662.00 USD 11.00 Papers.nl Sold for $2,025
Chefs.me 2008 USD 2,643.00 USD 11.00 Chefs.clubs Sold for $2,700
XareltoLaw.com 2012 USD 2,572.00 USD 9.00 expungementlaw.com Sold for $1,888
LasVegasSuites.net 1999 USD 247.00 USD 11.00 lasvegasresort.net Sold for $1,100
ScotlandHotels.net 1999 USD 383.00 USD 11.00 canadahotels.net Sold for $1,888
HongKongApartments.net 1999 USD 87.00 USD 11.00 dubaiapartments.net Sold for $1,207
LuxembourgHotels.net 1999 USD 887.00 USD 11.00 luxembourghotels.com Sold for $299
FamilyChild.org 2000 USD 812.00 USD 5.00 familycaregiver.org Sold for $3,500
WomensSunDresses.com 2004 USD 1,436.00 USD 8.00 womensmultisport.com Sold for less $100

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