10 X Closeout Domain Names 24th of August

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Happy Monday, I hope you all managed to have a great weekend? We have posted a great story today about the domain name dispute from 2001 on the WIPO case of American Funds vs Ult. Search, its well worth a read and double down on the point of a three member panel should your domain names ever get hit with a WIPO.

Today we have 10 x Domains all available to acquire for BIN prices, I really like SnowboardBoots.net & BoogieBoard.net – I am big into exact match domains that can earn affiliate revenue but also look at the comps – BoogieBoard.com sold for $4K, and you can own the .Net for $10.00 likewise SnowShoes.net sold for $8K and you can own what I think is better Niche SnowBoardBoots.net for only $9.00

Good luck with any of these domain names you find and just remember I am listing names that are of interest to me and the comps are using data provided by GoDaddy and isn’t a guarantee that you will sell the domain name for a similar price.

GoDaddy Closeout Domains Registration Year GoDaddy Valuation Buy It Now Price Comparable Sales
AlaskaMen.net 1998 USD 171.00 USD 10.00 tribesmen.net Sold for $288
AlaskaMen.org 1998 USD 408.00 USD 11.00 mountainmen.org Sold $388
WensleyDale.net 1998 USD 1,047.00 USD 10.00 It’s a type of cheese in the UK
VancouverCulture.com 2000 USD 1,224.00 USD 9.00 Nice 20 Year Old Dot Com
SnowboardBoots.net 2001 USD 1,022.00 USD 9.00 snowshoes.net Sold for $8,100
BoogieBoard.net 2001 USD 1,352.00 USD 10.00 boogieboard.com Sold for $4,000
Maiden.me 2008 USD 2,048.00 USD 11.00 maiden.com Sold for $20,000
HotelKrabi.com 2002 USD 2,032.00 USD 11.00 hotelcancun.com Sold for $3,900
Dashboards.tv 2008 USD 1,906.00 USD 11.00 Could make for a great Analytics Sites
HotelsFlight.com 2007 USD 1,739.00 USD 5.00 hotelsflights.com Sold for $1700

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