10 x GoDaddy Expired Auctions Picks – Monday 5th of October

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I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and back for another week of domain name investing, Here are today’s 10 x GoDaddy Expired Domain Name Auctions and my bids – Happy Bidding & Have a great week.

Did you see this post yesterday?

Zyon.com – Fantastic nice 4L.com

HomeBarber.com – We all need one of these during the lockdown

WeedSmoker.com – Are you?

SnackOn.com – If you are a Weed Smoker then I think you will need Snack On to go with you…

RobertoDiaz.com – I have done amazing with my First Name, Last Name dot com’s have you?

DropSquad.com – Makes me think of dancing – 25 Years Old. ***Robbie Blog Bidding***

NakedBus.com – Someone can money out of this right probably NSFW.

LimitedAudience.com – Some would say the domain community is a Limited Audience.

MilitaryService.com – Hard to monetize but an outstanding domain names – Thanks to any readers for there service – ***Robbie Blog Bidding***

LucidMinds.com – Great name and I think Lucid Dreams – Great soundtrack to listen too. ***Robbie Blog Bidding***

Have you checked out PorkBun.com yet and what they have to offer for domain name investors?

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