3 Letter and 4 Letter Domains Falling like a ROCK? (NamePros Daily)

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Today: Chinese brokers? / MOBILE Google adwords / KWEB.com Sold for $5,050; FXCG.com for $2,000 / And more.

Here are the new NamePros.com threads that caught my eye:

March 15th 2016

Generic single word, Unalarmed.com – Any value in this one?

Charge for domain cancelled before exp. date? – Can they do that?

KWEB.com Sold for $5,050; FXCG.com for $2,000… – Some recent sales reports.

Chinese brokers ? – Anyone know one?

Is this a phising verification scam? – Sad, so many of these lately.

What kind of a deleted 5N.com’s hammer price could be $91,060? – Any idea?

March 14th, 2016

carInsuranceDeal.com || networkingHost.com || agentsLife.com – What are these worth?

Buying brandables and one-word .Co – Check your portfolio for one of these.

957697.com Appraise please – Any value in this one?

Hidden whois – Any way around that?

MMQ.net Sold for $3,815; YQD.net for $3,675… – Some recent sales reports.

MOBILE Google adwords – Anyone experienced with this?

3 Letters and 4 Letters Falling like a ROCK?? – Anyone else seeing this pattern?

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