A little sales inspiration: From a lowball offer to a confirmed sale

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Today:  How to Lease a Domain? / Domain sales to government entities / What Is Your Worst Domaining Story? / And more.

Here are the new NamePros.com threads that caught my eye:

April 16th, 2016

Fondant.org – Any value in this one?

I captured .com while same in .net redirecting to formula1.com – interesting.

L40.com Sold for $30,500; Investment.org for $16,000… – Some recent reported sales.

If you have seen a major drop in parking revenue read this – This happening to you?

What makes a pronounceable domain valuable? – Thoughts?

what are the options to get Maximum exposure to sell a Domain? – Care to share?

What Is Your Worst Domaining Story? – Interesting story. What’s yours?

April 15th, 2016

5 Letter Brandbucket published/accepted domains – Check your portfolio for one of these.

whatapp.com – What’s this one

Purchase back the domain name you sold before? – Never been in that situation before.

Domain sales to government entities – Any advice?

ISKI.com Sold for $9,201; Stroker.com for $4,148… – Some recent sales reports.

How to Lease a Domain? – Anyone else doing this?

A little sales inspiration from lowball to sale – Good job turning that one around!

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